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This is a total lifestyle changer! only because YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE! (YOLO)
This package includes everything from the Gathering package. In addition:
Have  21+ guest to celebrate with you and receive your Hotel/ Cruise for FREE! You will only have to pay the taxes and transportation.
*All guest will have to book through Majestic Abroad for the birthday person to receive the benefits!  

$49.99 per year

The Celebration Package are for those that know without a doubt that you will have 11 or more guest that will celebrate your Birthday with you! 
You will receive all things from the Gathering level in addition. 
If you book 11-20 people Your Hotel/Cruise Portion is 50%off. 

$29.99 per year

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Birthday Club Membership fee is per person, per year. In order to get the full value from the Birthday Club your guest must book with Majestic Abroad. Only your guest booked with Majestic Abroad will be counted for your incentives. This membership is non refundable and non transferable. Travel must be within the same month as your birthday. Joining this Birthday Club also gives you exclusive access to Majestic Abroad's photographer,T-shirt designer and more. I Turned My Birthday into A Lifestyle is subject to RIU Brand Hotels and Carnival Cruise lines. Once the membership is paid we can immediately begin working on your next Birthday Vacation. 

Our birthday club will change the way you celebrate your birthday forever!  

This package includes a "I Turned My Birthday into A Lifestyle" t-shirt.
If your Birthday Gathering is booked through Majestic Abroad you will receive a Birthday Gift during travel. 
If your guest exceed 10 guest booked through Majestic Abroad you will be automatically upgraded to the Celebration level. 

$19.99 per year


Select your level
Select your level

I Turned My Birthday into

A Lifestyle.

You Only Live Once 

June 30th-July 5th